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Low Clearance Towing

5 Boro Towing Company

5 Boro Towing CompanyBroken down in a tight space? You’re “clear” with us!

Often times, towing companies in NYC have limitations in terms of height and clearance. Say, for example, you are parked in close quarters – maybe a parking garage. You’ll need a low clearance tow truck to get you out. Most companies, in an attempt to rip off their customers, will bring a standard tow truck that is unable to reach the vehicle, and so they will have their team push the vehicle to a spot in which it can be loaded onto the tow truck. Guess what? They charge extra for the labor!

We won’t rip you off – we will just bring a low clearance tow truck from the start, saving time for both of us, and money on your end. We would rather provide great customer service than figure out ways to get every last dime out of you – we believe this is better business, and more in line with our morals.
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Ran out of gas in NYC? We’ll fill you up!

Running out of gas doesn’t have to mean that you have run out of luck for the day. All you need to do is call someone you can count on for fuel delivery. NYC locals, specifically those around Staten Island, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Manhattan, can call us for gas delivery. We have professionals who understand you are stuck, and they will work extra fast to get to you quickly.



Get the “jump” you need with us!

If you put your key in the ignition and try to start your car with no success, then you need 5 Boro Towing Company. Why? Because we offer battery jumpstarts in NYC! Whether you’re in Staten Island, the Bronx, Queens, Manhattan or somewhere else nearby, you can get the trusted, cheap assistance that you need with us.



We offer towing services far and wide.

If your car needs to be transported from one city to another, then you can count on 5 Boro Towing Company. We offer long distance towing for New Yorkers so that you can relocate your vehicle safely and conveniently. We will come and get your car or motorcycle or even your SUV at its origin and bring it to the destination it needs to end up in. ...


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